Cards, container, 1 die and instructions.

What The Fudge™

This game is easy and fun for all ages and is completely family friendly

This is also a shedding card gamel where each player gradually sheds their hand each turn. The player that sheds all their cards first, wins the game!!

Demo Version: Soon to be on sale at The Game Crafter

Designer: Mary Sue Potter

Kickstarter: Estimated launch, Jan. 2018

Divine & Conquer™

This is an original game of chance about the fate of the Universe. You are a Deity in the cosmos, and you dominate a galaxy. Compete against other Deities to conquer the Universe before the Great Conjunction.

Avoid Black Holes, collect stars and be mindful of Supernovas, because anything can happen. Beware, you can lose your God-like powers and become a servant Demi-God to another Deity.

This game is under development and everything is subject to change. Thank you for play testing. Suggestions and comments welcome.

Designer: Mary Sue Potter

Testing: Board Game Geek Convention, Dallas, Nov. 2017

Estimated Time: 30-60 mins


6 Galaxies

5 Sets of Deity Dice
2 Fate Dice

5 Deity cards
26 Supernova cards

200 Star shards
26 Supernova shards
1 Galactic Bag of Holding
1 Black Bag of Sagan

5 Sets of Claim stackers
1 Great Conjunction tracker card

*Subject to change